Separation Mediation

If you are married, in a civil partnership or have been cohabiting with your partner and are now separating or going through legal separation, we can help you to make arrangements for any joint property, finance and children through mediation.

National Family Mediation (NFM) accredited mediators are trained in all aspects of family law including the specific laws relating to people who have lived together but are not married. Living together and being married do not amount to the same thing when people separate, however long they have been together.

Contact your local mediation service to find out how mediation can help you when you separate.

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Some married couples never get as far as divorce, but are happy to stay apart. All you need to do to be legally separated is live apart. Officially, you can even be separated but still live under the same roof, if you arrange your household so that you no longer sleep or eat together and you do not do domestic chores, such as washing or ironing, for each other. If you separate for two years or more and both agree to the separation, this can be the basis for any future divorce.

If you are planning for the future, National Family Mediation can provide the information you might require.

Further Information for Separating Couples

The break-up of a marriage, a civil partnership or a relationship can be a very stressful and traumatic time. Often coming at the end of a lengthy and difficult process, the decision to end it is not an easy one, especially if children are involved. It is important to gather information about options you have as early as possible. Knowing the facts can help increase your control over the situation, and will enable you to plan realistically for your future.

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We all experience divorce and separation in our own way but we are all likely to go through the grief (loss) cycle. Because we are unique human beings, it is difficult to tell exactly what we will feel and when but it is reassuring to know it’s all normal and won’t last forever. It is important that you take care of yourself and your wellbeing during this time.

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The underlying question for nearly everyone who is separating is ‘will I have enough to live on?’ Some people will have been managing the family budget and others will have had nothing to do with it. Some people are comfortable and confident thinking and talking about money, others are less so. There is undoubtedly a lot to think about both at the time of separation and as you plan your separate lives into the future.

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Separation and children can be a very complex situation. The break-up of a relationship is always stressful, even in those rare situations when it’s mutually desired and agreed.

Children, as well as parents, feel the stress and confusion of separation. Many kids feel angry, sad and frustrated about the prospect of their parents splitting up for good and are uncertain about what life will be like during and after the separation occurs.

Your ability to communicate successfully with your child , meet their needs, for safety and support  take care of yourself, and maintain a civil relationship with your ex-partner will have a positive effect on your child.

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When parents separate they both remain responsible for the care and financial support of their children. Most parents think it is important for the children’s lives to be affected as little as possible by the separation and for them to have a similar standard of living when they are spending time with each parent. The law takes this view too.

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On relationship breakdown, dividing up your finances and property can be very complicated. Your circumstances will be unique and it is important to take independent legal advice at an early stage to preserve your interests.

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NFM is a network of professional family mediation providers based in England and Wales that work with families affected by relational breakdown. All providers aim to help clients achieve an outcome that works best for them and their family

If you would like to get more information about mediation and/or make an appointment you can contact NFM direct on 0300 4000 636 or you can also contact a NFM family mediation provider in your area.

All services also take referrals from Solicitors, the court or other helping / support agencies.


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